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Henry Saiz - Album (1 of 50 LTD EDITION CASSETTE)

by Henry Saiz

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OUT NOW - LTD EDITION Signed Cassette (1 of 50)

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Henry Saiz emerges with the first works from long awaited – and soon-to-be-heard – debut LP ‘Reality Is For Those Who Are Not Strong Enough To Confront Their Dreams’

Specialising in analogue-driven, pulsing house-meets-futuristic-pop combined with field recordings, deep atmospherics and a tempo that focuses just as much on a listening experience as it does a dancefloor, as Henry puts it himself, “I believe that electronic music can, and should, have a message. The infinite palate of sounds and textures give the power to evoke much more complex feelings and mindscapes than the traditional pop-rock instruments – the fact that you can dance to it in a club doesn’t mean it can’t transmit a message (and a thrill) to the listener on many levels.”


1. Moonlight Wolf
2. Sleepwalk
3. Love Mythology
4. Of Muses & Slaves
5. Just An Illusion
6. Spiricom (see you soon)
7. The Light
8. Golden Air
9. Death Drive
10. Rave Flute
11. Take Me Home
12. Fill Me Up (feat. Cornelia)
13. Afraid
14. Mirage
15. Natura Sonoris
16. Hymn to Nowhere
17. All The Evil Of This World

Very Limited Edition 120minute Cassette - 1 of 50


€7.00 + postage & packing


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