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Sistema - Possible sounds of Möbius (CD LP)

Image of Sistema - Possible sounds of Möbius (CD LP)

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Manel Ruiz (Sistema) delivers his beautiful debut artist album on Natura Sonoris. This masterpiece effortlessly transitions from ambient cinematic pieces and synth washes, through squelchy 80's Tangerine Dream style sequences, sci-fi breaks, stadium size epic moments, rippling ambient trance washes and into quirky, off kilter dubby techno.

Audio previews:

Album Track List:

1. Entrée
2. Humo
3. Nodo Rmo
4. Corte de Pölar
5. Alfa-alfa
6. 1976
7. X la phase
8. 20903
9. L'inter Na
10. Section de Niña
11. Observatorio de stars
12. Plànol paralel
13. Nodo 6
14. Observatorio de Stars (Steve Moore remix)
15. Nodo 6 (Wooky Remix)
16. Plànol paralel (Bruna & Minski Remix)

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